Country walking cane FATHER'S DAY with a bell and filled flask

Item no.: 50360-1
Standard lenght: 94 cm  
Weight carrying capacity: 100 kg
Weight: 680 g
Made in Germany


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This is a very special country walking cane, which is bent out of one part of noble chestnut wood. The cane has got a strong ringing bell and a 0,1 l glass flask, filled with a delicious herbal schnapps. The cane is equipped with a sharped nickel ferrule.

Correct length

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Get the right length: To get a sufficient backing function, the cane has to be adapted to the individual right length. The cane should give his user an upright keeping while having a lightly bent elbow. Please wear your normal outdoor shoes and stand up straightly. Have your arms easily hanging down. Now take the size from your wrist to the floor. That is the total length inclusive handle.

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Right wearing: Only the middle-, the ring- and the small finger encompass the handle, the forefinger and the thumb are outstretched and they touch the handle beginning of the stick. The stick touches the ground at the same time your disabled leg does. While doing that it is very important to have your weight being shifted vertical on the stick.
At our productvideo you can see how to take the correct length and how you can shorten the cane very easily by yourself.
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