Stick Fashion Derby LAVENDER, elegant resin derby handle with a floral design in pastel tones, mounted on a stick made of sturdy light metal, height-adjustable, rubber buffer

Artikelnummer 3031

Load capacity: 110 kg
Adjustable: 75 - 100 cm
Weight: 293 g
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With this flower stick as a companion you also shine royal. Not only elegant, but also as a sun companion in pastel shades, this accessory can be used in many ways.
The derby handle made of cast resin (acrylic) is mounted on a stick made of sturdy light metal with a floral flower design in fashionable, warm shades. The shapely handle is provided with a brass jewelry ring. An elegant rubber bumper forms the conclusion.

Beautiful walking stick with a colorful pattern, which reminds of a sea of flowers in pastel colors
Handle made of sturdy cast resin (acrylic) and light metal stick
height adjustable from 75 cm to 100 cm
loadable up to 110 kg body weight
safe, non-slip rubber buffer made of special rubber