Design walking stick TEA PARTY, colored, colorful, fashionable, height adjustable, derby handle, light metal, noble brass ring, women and men, rubber buffers.

Artikelnummer 3027

Load capacity: 110 kg
Adjustable: 75 - 100 cm
Weight: 293 g
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Always suitable for everyday use: the TEAPARTY designer walking stick shines with the most colorful flower fields. The derby handle made of stable cast resin (acrylic) is placed on a stick made of light metal. In addition, the derby handle is provided with a decorative ring made of brass. The stick is adjustable in height and has a matching rubber stop at the end. The play of colors in the design of the stick may differ slightly from the illustration due to the printing techniques.

chic derby handle made of stable cast resin (acrylic)
Stick made of sturdy aluminum, height adjustable from approx. 75 cm to 100 cm
fashionable design with floral patterns
safe, non-slip buffer made of special rubber,
Suitable for women and men up to 100 kg