Walking Stick Softgrip-Derby SPIKE-PLUS, ergonomic derby handle made of sturdy cast resin with softgrip coating, stable light metal, height adjustable from 78 to 103 cm, retractable winter spike made of steel, incl. Special rubber buffer

Artikelnummer 40432

Load capacity: 110 kg
Adjustable: 78 - 103 cm
Weight: 470 g
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An elegant, ergonomic (wider hand rest) Derby handle made of sturdy cast resin with velvety surface finish in  brown, set with a brass jewelry ring on a light metal stick in the color bittersweet bronce. For walking on ice and snow or in the forest and meadow, a high-strength spike mandrel made of hardened Widia steel can be removed with a simple hand movement.
 The stick is height adjustable from 78 - 103 cm and has a matching special rubber buffer.

Comfortable, ergonomic derby grip
Easy-to-use Spike made of Widia steel
Safety with ice and snow
Suitable for ladies and gentlemen
Height adjustable from 78 - 103 cm