XL design walking stick SOFT ERGONOMIC, ergonomic handle, soft coating, stick light alloy white, blind stick, height adjustable, rubber buffer

Artikelnummer 40425-1

Load capacity: 130 kg
Adjustable: 77 - 103 cm
Weight: 455 g
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The black ergometric (large handrest) softgrip-derbygrip made of cast resin fits on a white aluminium stick with a chromium adornment ring.The cane is height adjustable from 77 to 103 cm and it is equipped with a fitting black rubber buffer.

elegant stick made of white lacquered aluminum with an elegant chrome ring
comfortable ergonomic (wider palm rest) shaped derby
Handle with a velvety soft coating
11-way height adjustable from approx. 75-100 cm, including rubber buffer
suitable for women and men up to 130 kg body weight